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Has Covid Reached Abaco? Reports Leading towards Yes.

National News sources have reported that there are two confirmed cases from Abaco that have been flown out to Nassau. One Mexican worker that was brought to Baker's Bay during the controversial worker's permit program where Baker's brought in around 300 workers from Mexico. At the time there was a scramble from Ministry of Health to confirm if all were tested for Covid. The next day they claimed all have been tested.

Today news breaks that one is confirmed positive with the virus along with a Bahamian Abaco resident contractor that was supposedly in Freeport recently. The Mexican worker has been on Baker's site for 20 days so it is speculated that he may not be the original source.

We will await news and final confirmation from the Ministry of Health but several news sources have shared the Breaking news so it is most likely that Covid19 has found its way to Abaco.

It's the last thing Abaco needs after a year of several blows. Will keep news updated as we hear more. Please remember to wear your mask and stay safe!

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