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Bahamian Citizens and Residents have until Wednesday to Return to The Bahamas on Commercial Flights

-International commercial flights NOT permitted to enter, except for flights from the UK, European Union and Canada, effective midnight Wednesday 22 July

-Bahamasair to cease outgoing flights to the US, effective immediately

-Outgoing commercial vessels and flights still allowed to depart The Bahamas, except Grand Bahama

-Private aviation and pleasure craft and yachts still permitted to enter and depart The Bahamas


These new orders give Bahamian Residents and citizens until Wednesday July 22nd to return to The Bahamas on commercial flights from the USA. After Wednesday all flights from USA will stop except for outgoing flights. All BahamasAir flights will stop immediately. Private aviation and boats still permitted to enter and depart.

Please check your airlines for updated information and all updated news and regulations will be always posted on The Abaco Bulletin and Hope Town Bulletins.

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