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Abaco Schools Update: Statement By Abaco Schools District

Schools in Abaco have been a much uncertain topic since Hurricane Dorian caused devastation to most our local schools. On top of that in March, Covid19 closed what schools were able to open back up once again.

If you missed our article on Abaco Schools read it in our August publication at www.AbacoBulletin/publication

The Abaco Schools District has also graciously provided Abaco Bulletin with a statement with an update on Abaco Schools for this Fall 2020 start.

We hope our schools are able to open finally worry free and give our Abaco children some much needed normalcy and time amongst their friends.

But we are very proud of our Abaco students as they have dealt with so much this past year and have pushed forward bravely and have adapted to so much change with flying colors. We pray they finally get the school year they all deserve.

Follow Abaco Bulletin for any updates as they come.

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