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Plea To Prime Minister Minnis To Please Make an Exception for Abaco Take Out.

Dr the Hon Hubert A. Minnis and James Albury, M.P. Parliamentary Secretary OPM

Please make an exception for Abaco and allow Take Out and delivery options for all local restaurants in Abaco.

1. Many local restaurants are what is feeding many Abaco locals. Many don't have working stoves, ovens or are still in tents. They don't have electricity, running water or refrigerators to keep food cool, so they depend on local restaurants for their meals.

They are more than a luxury these days, to many they are vital and essential in order to eat. Not everyone has the luxury to cook at home. You must reconsider allowing Abaco Take Out and/or delivery options.

2. We've been through a year of devastation and recovery and many have spent a year of missed income already and paid from savings to rebuild and restock inventory and pay employees.

We need every small business to make every dollar they can. We've been without income much longer than the Covid ordeal has been around. We are trying to survive and stay afloat. We will loose many more small businesses in Abaco if you keep locking them down. In the past you let the big resorts remain open, but what about the small Bahamian owned restaurants who rely on every order for their income?

Please hear Abaco's plea and make an exception for Abaco.

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