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Message from MP James Albury on Power

Good Day All, There are many who have been asking for a BPL update specifically for Guana Cay and Lubbers Quarters. Last week I asked the BPL Island Operations Manager for the most up to date information. I've recently received the following and wanted to share: Guana Cay’s existing subsea cable coming from Murphy Town needs to be replaced, the cable is presently on order. The subsea cable from Guana Cay to Scotland Cay and from Scotland Cay to MOW tested and repairs completed. All overhead work completed. Provisions are currently underway to install a temporary generation site at the substation in Guana Cay, fuel tank on site, generator already procured waiting on transformer then all should be ready to transport soon. Lubbers subsea cable tested, needs repairs as soon as boat repairs are completed and crew is available will begin the repairs.

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