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Abaco Big Bird Aims for August Product Launch

Abaco Big Bird Poultry Farm has announced that they are on track for first set of product to be on shelves in August 2020.

This is great news after Dorian destroyed their farm, chicken houses and they were at a time unsure if they were going to return or not.

We all hoped they would, as if you have tasted Big Bird Chicken you know there is a big difference in taste from the big name brands. Once you eat Big Bird its very hard to eat any other brand. We were very privledged here in Abaco to have quality meat produced right in our backyard.

After the August supply they have stated there will be another gap until they get their remaining chicken houses up (Hopefully by mid July) and operational with chickens. A consistent supply on grocery shelves will take a few more months as they need all 4 chicken houses up and running before they can offer a consistent supply.

Abaco is rooting for them and excited they are coming back! We will support them the best we can as they were one of the first businesses after Dorian helping Everyone out with free chicken, ice and supplies.

Abaconians don't forget, and we will do our best to support them in their endeavors. Look forward to your chicken again, Abaco Big Bird!

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